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Home/What's New > Exhibitions > Previous Year’s Exhibitions > 2010

Carlo Pittore (1943-2005), Portrait of Damien, 1984, oil on linen, 36 x 30", Collection OMAA, Gift of the Carlo Pittore Foundation

The 2010 Exhibition Schedule

Click here for details of previous year's exhibits.

triangle bullet May 22 – August 1

Selma Koss Holtz: A Legacy of Giving

Rockwell Kent, Wayside Madonna

For nearly 50 years Selma Koss Holtz was a fixture in the New England art scene. She was a curator, art historian and art dealer who supported the OMAA through her curatorial expertise and gifts to the collection. Since 1994 she has donated 58 works to the permanent collection by such notables as Theresa Bernstein, Winslow Homer, Alex Katz, Rockwell Kent, Ernest Lawson, Michael Palmer, Fairfield Porter, Katherine Porter, Boardman Robinson, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Ben Shahn, Neil Welliver, and Charles Woodbury. This exhibition, the first of its kind at the Museum, will serve as a memorial to her life in art and her love for the Ogunquit Museum of American Art.

Selma Koss Holtz Click here to read more about Selma Koss Holtz at boston.com.

Rockwell Kent, Wayside Madonna, 1927, 17 x 11" Collection OMAA, Gift of Selma Koss Holtz

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triangle bullet May 22 August 1

John Bisbee

Rockwell Kent, Wayside Madonna
Maine artist John Bisbee constructs large abstract sculptures out of a seemingly unlikely material: 12-inch steel spikes. This installation of his heavy metal objects marks Bisbee’s first exhibition at the OMAA. Thousands of spikes, welded together in massive, intricate patterns, move the eye around and through his sculptures by using the weight of the spikes juxtaposed against the open air component of the created negative space. His work, though physically heavy, engenders the feeling of lightness with his creative use of light and space.
John Bisbee, Installation view of Pillars, 2008, Collection of the Artist, photo by Sandy Agrafiotis

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triangle bullet May 22 – October 31, 2010

Perkins Cove, Ogunquit and Maine

Rockwell Kent, Wayside Madonna
Since the 1890s Ogunquit has been a destination for artists who sought the camaraderie of fellow artists and relief from the summer heat of big city. The development of two schools and the eventual year-round residency of important artists permanently established Ogunquit as a true artist colony and a focal point for American modernism. Perkins Cove, long favored by area fishermen, eventually developed into a community for area artists in which to live and work. As a result, the cove was drawn and painted many times over and there are many depictions of the Cove in the Museum’s permanent collection. As Maine grew in stature as a desirable destination for artists, so did the amount of artwork produced. This exhibition features works from the Cove and Ogunquit, but also shows the influence of artist’s efforts throughout Maine.

Mary Bradish Call, China Fish, data unknown, oil on masonite, 12 1/2 x 20 1/4" Collection OMAA. Cift of Mary-Leigh Smart

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triangle bullet August 12 – October 31

Recent Acquisitions

Rockwell Kent, Wayside Madonna
Since 1953, the OMAA has continued to build an important Permanent Collection which found its genesis in the art colonies of Ogunquit and American modernism, but today features a broad range of American art. Over the years the public has come to support that collecting effort through generous donations and estate gifts. The Museum also has a small fund for the purchase of art. This exhibition features works that have been acquired for the permanent collection over the past year through gifts and purchase. Featured artists are: Bernard Langlais, Bernard Karfiol, Dewitt Hardy, Pat Hardy, Robert Laurent, Edward Hergelroth, Reuben Tam, Richard Lahey, Sumner Winebaum, Carlo Pittore, Karl Zerbe, Frank Gallo, and Nicolai S. Cikovski.
Carlo Pittore (1943-2005), Portrait of Damien, 1984, oil on linen, 36 x 30", Collection OMAA, Gift of the Carlo Pittore Foundation

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triangle bullet August 5 – October 31

Ed Betts: An Ogunquit Master

Rockwell Kent, Wayside Madonna
Ed Betts, a multiple award winning artist, was active in the Ogunquit Art Association and the Ogunquit Museum of American Art for many years. He first painted in Maine on Monhegan Island in the 1940s. Mr. Betts died in 2008 and left 15 works of art (including 12 of his own) to the OMAA. His work ranges from the literal rendering of Perkins Cove in watercolor to the most abstract interpretations in casein, a favorite medium of his. The exhibition features the work from his estate and his work from the OMAA’s collection.
Edward Betts, Deserted Depot, date unknown, watercolor, 21 x 29", Collection OMAA, Gift of the Edward H. Betts Estate

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triangle bullet August 5 – October 31

Assemblage: Art of the Found Object

Rockwell Kent, Wayside Madonna
Assemblage first came be recognized as a legitimate art form with the Cubist pasting and gluing collage experiments of George Braque and Pablo Picasso in France in 1912. These artists broke up space and shapes by using torn, cut, and pasted papers as integral components of their designs. Picasso’s Still Life with Chair Caning, from May, 1912, is considered the first modern work of art using collage and assemblage in a three-dimensional construction. Since that time, collage and assemblage art has grown into acceptance by artists and the public. Some of the more notable assemblage artists are Kurt Schwitters, Anne Ryan, Marcel Duchamp, Henri Matisse, Joseph Cornell and Louise Nevelson. This exhibition features contemporary New England assemblage artists Varujan Boghosian, David Madasci, Laura McCarty, Harvee Riggs, Bernard Langlais, Mildred Johnson and George Herms.
Harvee Riggs, Show Time, 2008,mixed media, 41 1/2 x 22 x 7 1/2", Courtesy Diane Chodkowski

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